Why Holocaust Survivor is Receiving Death Threats

If we go back in history, one of the worst forms of racism was not slavery or segregation, although it was horrible.  It was the Holocaust that almost wiped out an entire race.  Millions of Jews were separated from their families and killed cold-heartedly by the millions.  No other race received the worst form of hatred under the tyrannical rule of the Nazi leader Adolf Hitler.  If we look at the middle east, many countries still have Jerusalem, Israel targeted in the crosshairs.  Those survivors of the Holocaust endured the worst form of torture any race has ever faced, and it is still happening today.  In Italy, an 89-year-old Holocaust survivor, Liliana Segre, has received hundreds of death threats via social media and is assigned police protection around the clock.

Segre was only 13 when she was sent to Auschwitz death camp and is reliving the nightmare of the same racism today through anti-Semitic messages.  She has been living in Italy and was made a lifetime senator in January 2018 by President Sergio Mattarella.  Her life mission was calling for parliament to fight hatred through established committees.  Segre was born in 1930 in Milan.  When Nazi Germany spread its terror and persecution, she fled with her father at the end of 1943.  They were unable to secure their refuge in Switzerland and were separated with placed on the train to Auschwitz death camp.  Upon arrival, her grandparents and father were killed.  Today Italy has around 30,000 Jews living there, and it was recorded over 7,500 Italian Jews lost their lives in the Holocaust.

Upon the evacuation from the death camp in January 1945, she was sent to Germany’s Ravensbruck concentration camp.  A few weeks after that, she was again sent to another death camp run by the Nazis.  The Soviet Red Army liberated them not long after she was moved.

Italy has a right-wing party, which is nothing compared to the US Republicans.  Their right-wing side of the fence runs more like our Delusional Democrats.  Their right-wing is called the Nationalist League Party and is fronted by Matteo Salvini.  Despite the failure of Italian right-wing support, the motion passed on the parliament floor.

The motion calls for “the establishment of an extraordinary commission in Italy to combat all forms of racism, anti-Semitism, incitement to hatred and violence on ethnic and religious grounds.” Segre mentioned those against the motion presented made her “feel like a Martian in the Senate.”  She continued, “I appealed to the conscience of everyone and thought that a commission against hatred as a principle would be accepted by all, it seemed to me an almost banal speech. I was strongly surprised because all the distinctions that I began to hear were beyond my thought”  Since the motion was made, she has received over 200 messages of hatred every day.

She added, “I know that many have shown me their solidarity in all ways, as possible, but I was upset.  You see, I am in the Senate by chance, I arrived at 88, I never did politics, and I do not reason in political, but ethical and moral terms.”  She received a standing ovation from the senators who supported her cause.  Segre continued, “Yes, the appeals to me were enormous, even among those who did not vote in favor of the Commission. Abstention is no longer a vote against the Senate, but I thought it was a contradiction. There was obviously obedience to the groups that decide, but fortunately, there are still those who reason with their own head. If the Senate were composed of people who say yes or no according to the command they receive, there would be crying.”

This leaves little hope for Jews across the world and is horrible to come to the realization of how much hate still remains in this world.  The hatred and death threats were so harmful a special meeting was set up to grant Segre security and police protection.  It was approved by the committee to have two paramilitary carabinieri officers by her side at all times.

Segre’s conclusion speaks volumes for Italy’s government and the world, “The commission in the technical times will take shape – stresses Segre – and then we’ll see. It will be composed of all the parties, and we will be able to discuss the contents from time to time. It seems important to me that in times of peace, we try to prevent hatred since it is everywhere.”