VIDEO: Navy Identifies UFO, Truly Were “Unidentified”

Navy pilots took a number of photos from US Navy aircraft between 2004 and 2015. The footage showed a number of strange objects that were flying above the USS Nimitz. A number of people played it off as testing and such. However, pilots were vocal about how the objects flew in ways that our technology does not allow.

The US Navy has officially confirmed that the UFO videos are “unidentified aerial phenomena.”

In December 2017 and March 2018, the New York Times released the videos. The Times report stated that the crafts flew tens of thousands of feet above the earth without any distinct engines or wings. Further, there was no clear source of propulsion and the speeds were hypersonic.

Plenty of professionals were desperate to explain the videos so that people didn’t think that UFOs existed. They blamed it on weather balloons, lights, stars, and even other countries testing out their newest aircraft. However, Joseph Gradisher is a spokesperson for the Deputy Chief of Naval Operations for Information Warfare has spoken out. The Navy has confirmed these videos to be authentic.

The objects were detected in military training airspaces that are restricted. The objects appeared in 2004 and 2015. They were not supposed to be there and, to this day, they have not been identified as any known aircraft to be used by the United States or anywhere else of this earth.

Some of the footage was captured by a Raytheon infrared pod, known to have the most advanced sensors as well as powerful tracking.

At least two different UFOs were part of the Navy sightings. David Fravor, a retired US Navy Commander, said that when he was in the F/A-18F Super Hornet in 2004, the object was around 40 feet long and shaped like an oval. He described it to look like a TicTac. As such, there were no wings or anything else visible that would explain what was propelling it to move.

Another Super Hornet pilot, Lieutenant Ryan Graves, said that in 2014 and 2015, he saw what looked like a sphere encasing a cube.

With two different descriptions, it’s unclear if these were two different UFOs entirely or the same type of craft simply viewed from two perspectives.

People have been reporting UFO sightings for years, so what makes these ones so much different? While it’s not that previous reports have been falsified, Navy aviators are trained to be highly observant. They know how to distinguish various flying objects in the sky.

It has been proven that approximately 7 out of 10 UFO sightings are actually people mistaking the “UFO” for the Planet Venus. Even the most reliable witnesses may simply be mistaken for what they look up in the sky and see.

For Navy pilots, it’s life and death for them. They have to be able to identify what they see. If it’s a foreign military plane, they have to identify what it is and whether it means them harm or not. Particularly when there is an object flying in restricted space, it has to be carefully and properly identified as quickly as possible. When a Navy pilot cannot identify an aircraft, it is extremely unsettling.

Infrared pods were used to take all three of the videos that have been released to the public. Since several electronic sensors were able to pick up on the objects. This provided various details about the speed and other information. Ultimately, the objects were observed by the naked eye as well as infrared and radar sensors. This means that sensor malfunction has been ruled out.

The military hasn’t done anything since identifying that the UFOs really are unidentified. Current space programs don’t have the capability of going on an exploration mission to actively seek out life on another planet. If the UFOs really are aliens, they did not try to communicate and did not seek to destroy the planet. Perhaps they were on an exploratory mission of their own.

The military nor the government has the capability of handling UFOs. While plenty of people question whether the government is hiding UFOs and little green men at Area 51, it’s highly unlikely. Until the UFOs decide to present themselves again, it’s all a matter of waiting to see what happens next. The videos can be viewed online, allowing anyone to decide for themselves whether it seems to be that intelligent beings from another planet are checking out Earth or if there’s some other explanation that the military simply hasn’t thought of yet.