Teacher Sends Student to Hospital Over a Juice Box

Teachers are supposed to be the educational influence in a child’s life along with the parents. They are also to protect the child while they have them in the classroom. But the problem is that children will sometimes rebel in class and the teacher has to deal with that behavior. The sad part about having to deal with the behavior is that the Democrats have taken the authority role of the teacher and removed the discipline factor from it. This has led to some teachers losing control which ends up putting the child in danger.

The teacher should maintain control over their emotions. But on this one occasion, the teacher lost control and ended up sending an 11-year-old boy to the hospital. The young man had to have six stitches put on his forehead because of a fight with a much larger teacher. The young man’s mother is Kiana Randolph, and she would receive the call that her son had been airlifted to the hospital.

The student is Kauri Williamson. He is a student at Post Elementary School in Houston, Texas. His mother came quickly to the school to find that her son had a large cut on his head. It was decided to be so bad that a helicopter would be needed to rush the child to the emergency room. As the story began to unfold the mother was stunned to know how it all happened.

The item of the dispute was a juice box. A juice box that normally is enjoyed for lunch. The enraged mother stated that “They’re supposed to be in a safe place while you’re at work and to get this type of reaction of a head being busted open, especially over a juice box. Nobody deserves this, especially my son. I would never have thought that would have happened to my kid.”

Randolph saw in the video footage the teacher grabbing her son by his hood and slamming his head into the countertop. For any parent, the rage is beginning to build. The video showed the teacher using so much force that the boy’s feet come off the ground and it appears that he is being choked by the force. Excessive force was used to make a child give up a juice box.

Randolph stated that “You see him at one point, my son’s feet lift up off the ground and he is basically being choked.” So much force was used on this little child that there was no way he could have ever hoped to defend himself against a much large person. Not to forget that the insane teacher grabbed him by the hood which would have caught him off-guard.

No child should ever be attacked at the hand of a teacher. The teacher has been put on leave and the school has issued a statement that says “A Post Elementary School student had a medical emergency last Wednesday that precipitated the need for emergency treatment. The employee was placed on administrative leave, and the incident is currently under investigation.” The teacher will have to be prosecuted if found to be guilty of such actions.

The boy’s mother has a lot of faith in the judicial system as her lawyer would state on her behalf “I have a lot of trust in the justice system, so I hope this guy is going to be prosecuted for doing something he shouldn’t have. More so, other teachers need to be aware that if you’re around children, there are certain ways to manage it and certain ways not to manage it.”

The boy has finally returned to school but there is always the issue of his safety at this point. The parents have every right to demand justice and an explanation as to why it all happened. The teacher should never be allowed to teach again. They have demonstrated that they cannot control their own emotions under stress which should be a factor of consideration when working with kids. A child should be able to learn in a place that is free from violence and free from threats.