See Why Facial Recognition Technology is Raising Big Concerns Among Democrats

Law enforcement in New York is working hard to equip its force with facial recognition technology. But they are facing extreme opposition as many believe it violates privacy and is illegal without the consent of people being targeted. The crazy people fighting the technology has declared that the police need to have consent from criminals before they can be identified and apprehended. This fight that is stopping law enforcement from doing their job is just as bad as sanctuary cities.

The lawsuit is being brought by two people from Illinois of all places. They are claiming that the company took their pictures from social media and is using it in their system. What they are claiming is that the rights under Illinois’ Biometric Information Privacy Act have been violated. Funny that they do not even live in New York, and they can affect laws in another state.

The Clearwater AI program can identify criminals from just one photo. This allows the police to zero in on a person’s location with little interruption to everyday life. The software was developed with the sole purpose to aid law enforcement and nothing else. These two people from Illinois are crying about nothing. Unless they are criminals from New York.

The Democrats in New York are just upset that this kind of technology exists. New York City is just the latest place to become a sanctuary city. The last thing that De Blasio wants to see is some kind of software that can target illegals and criminals.

The company has stated that “Clearview’s legal team will respond to this lawsuit in due course.  The company is committed to operating within bounds of applicable laws and regulations.” The company is working with several major cities as it tests the reliability of such technology. So far it has a 99.6 percent accuracy rating.

The motive behind the technology is to help protect the public from criminals in hiding. Ton-That is the brain that built the software. He has stated that “We believe that what we’re doing is in the public interest. When these pedophiles are caught, the investigators have all these photos, hundreds and hundreds of kids and for the first time, they can identify the victims.” The motive and the technology is solid. For these two complainers to try to stop the usage of it in New York is stupidity at its finest.

What it all boils down to is what exactly is the company using. By law, they can only use public information. Many of the social media sites have told the company to stop accessing their systems. But Ton-That stated that “It’s a little hypocritical. Google has a lot of personal and private information. They track where you go around the web, and they sell ads to you and they have your private emails. We’re not taking any personal data.”

There is always a danger that technology could be used horribly. But that kind of fear is reserved for when the Democrats ever control such systems. They already lie about their activities and who it is that they do business with. There is no reason to trust them if use such systems for their gain.

The photos that are being used have been found on public domain sites. This means that the photos are free to be taken and used. The two people from Illinois do not have their facts straight when they filed their lawsuit. To sit and worry about being followed or identified is paranoia. Unless you are a wanted criminal there is no reason to fear.

People worry about being followed or have their pictures taken by a third party. But they fail to realize that there are thousands of cameras taking pictures and filming them as they move throughout their day. If the public was not aware of this technology, then there really would not be any fight. Life still goes on even when people are watched on cameras. If there were no cameras in today’s world, crime rates would be higher than ever.