Christians Clap Back Over Prayer at Football Games

Finally, a federal appeals court does the right thing and reverses a decision of a lower court that said prayer could not happen at two Christian schools in the state of Florida. Some lousy liberal decided to go after two Christian schools and fight to end their prayer time. One would expect to see prayer at a Christian school. But the lousy liberals are in favor of removing God from anywhere in America. And if they can attack the Christian base, they will do it.

The courts are where the liberals run to force their demonic agenda on the normal people of the country. For the longest time, the courts have been stacked with liberals, but that is slowly changing. President Trump has made it his mission to balance the courts to give all the normal people a breath of fresh air from the pollution of the lousy left. The lower court took what had been a tradition at the schools and put a stop to prayer. All because of someone being offended at a game.

The court documents were quick to read that “The lower court was too quick to pull the trigger insofar as it dismissed the [Cambridge Christian’s] free speech and free exercise [of religion] claims. We cannot say whether these claims will ultimately succeed, but Cambridge Christian has plausibly alleged enough to enter the courtroom and be heard.” These Christian leaders are doing the right thing by fighting for their rights for freedom to worship and pray as they want to at all of their events.

For the people that do not like to pray they do not ever have to attend the game or simply remain standing. There is no need for them ever to push their offense onto what has been happening in Christian circles for years. Prayer is part of religion and for one person make a big deal about and kill the entire thing for thousands of people is just selfish.

The judges on the Eleventh Circuit overruled the lower court and said that the people could pray as they wanted to. The lower court restricted their access and pushed non-religion on people that in the United States have the right to worship and pray as they want. Freedom of religion is a fundamental right of every person in the United States. For any court to push to stop a religious activity is a major violation of the freedoms that people enjoy.

The victors in the battle have said “We are grateful to have won this appeal and look forward to presenting our case on behalf of Cambridge Christian School to the district court. The First Amendment protects the rights of students and teachers at a private Christian school to pray before a football game, especially when both teams are Christian and have a tradition of prayer before games.” This is a major victory for every Christian in every corner of the country. What has long been a bashing of the Christian faith is starting to turn around and balance itself out.

It was back in 2015 when the notorious FHSAA said that they owned the microphone and prayer could not be said over it. So turn the microphone off if that truly is the deal. The FHSAA and their stupid argument said that using the microphone for payer violated the Constitution or the idea of “separation of church and state.” This is coming from a group that clearly does not understand what separation of church and state is all about. That praise spoken years ago meant that the country could never declare a national religion and force in on people. The founding fathers believed that religion should be freely expressed and free to practice. Not dictated by the devilish liberals or dumb Democrats.

Supporters of the schools would argue that the First Amendment protects the rights of those that want to pray in public at sporting events. For all of those dumb liberals that are offended at prayer simply do not pray. That would solve the major complex issue that they face when it comes to religion.