Chinese National Sentenced for Stealing $1 Billion in Trade Secrets

China will do anything to get their hands on the secrets of the United States. They are seeking national secrets, financial information and just about anything they can use to try and be better than the greatest nation on earth. They have been known to approach people asking them to spy for them while they are in the United States. The latest spy has been caught and now faces two years in prison for his deed in passing secrets to another nation.

A scientist by the name of Tan is the latest fool to fall into the hands of the corrupt Chinese. He was found to have been taking information that was valued at $1 billion and giving it to China. He was stealing from his employer which is a petroleum business. Tan has been found guilty of “theft of a trade secret, unauthorized transmission of a trade secret, and unauthorized possession of a trade secret.”

Tan and the team he worked on was asked to develop the next generation of battery technology. Batteries are used in a wide array of applications. But this line of the battery was geared toward stationary energy storage. More specifically batteries are called flow batteries. Tan told authorities that he would copy and download information for China. He would pass them over to the Chinese contacts.

John C. Demers is the Assistant Attorney General for National Security, he stated that “This investigation and prosecution uncovered another instance of China’s persistent attempts to steal American intellectual property. The department of justice will continue to confront this type of illicit behavior to safeguard American industry and protect American jobs.” Tan was essentially stealing from the American people.

This new technology would have required people to build and work in the facilities that would have produced the flow batteries. But now, Tan has provided China to copy the technology that people have spent long hours developing. In another statement from Trent Shores who is the U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of Oklahoma said that the “United States Attorneys from coast stand ready to combat China’s economic aggression that criminally threatens American industry.”

It is not just trading issues that China is guilty of cheating at, but it is technology as well. These people are being caught consistently. China hires them to deliver any type of information that they can use to develop technology faster than the United States. This type of behavior robs America of its greatness. Men and women have died to secure a positive future for the people of America. Tan has just undermined their efforts. He has turned his back on the people that allowed him to make his life great.

FBI Special Agent Melissa Godbold confirmed this by stating “American companies invest heavily in advanced research and cutting-edge technology. Trade secret theft is detrimental to our national security and a free-market economy.  It takes profits away from companies and jobs away from hard-working Americans.” Little man Tan took profits away from people and the company he worked for. Two years is not enough for what he has done.

Tan damaged his ex-employer by selling off the secrets. This kind of betrayal can cripple a company for years to come. The time and energy wasted on developing the technology are gone. They will now have to compete with China and their stolen technology in order to make the money they should have the right to have. But Tan has taken it all away.

Tan was ordered to also pay $150,000 to his employer. But this is nothing compared to the damage that he has caused them. He will also have three years of supervised release before he can get back into living a normal life. But he will soon find that no one in their right mind will hire a spy and traitor to his country. For right now he gets to enjoy the company of his new roommates in federal prison. He will soon find that spying is not as glamorous as what he has seen in the movies.