Castro Blasts Trump for Adopting Out Migrant Kids, But Obama Actually Did It

Every day, it seems, the left rolls out new “evidence” that President Donald Trump is doing something wrong, committing heinous acts, and being downright inhumane. However, we find that nine times out of ten, their “evidence” isn’t even close to giving their theories proof. In fact, in most cases, it disproves them and lets the world know just how far the left-wing is willing to go to oust Trump.

One of the most common topics this is done on is immigration. According to them, Trump is an absolute monster. One that puts children in cages, pulls them their parent’s loving arms and treats them worse than animals.

One example, in particular, comes to mind. You’ve likely seen it as well. you know, the picture of “children in cages.” It was posted on and recirculated on Twitter for days. Most comments went on and on about how cruel Trump was for allowing this to happen. And yet it was found out that the picture was taken in 2014. Just in case you didn’t know, Trump was not president then. Obama was.

But apparently, the left has learned their lesson because this past week they tried another sob story to bring Trump to his knees.

Only, just like before, someone obviously didn’t do their homework or really even read the whole story.

On the 19th of October, 2020 presidential candidate and member of the Democrat caucus Joaquin Castro retweeted a story about a mother and daughter that had been separated when reaching the US. The mother was arrested while the child was put into the foster care system.

According to the Associated Press, Alexa Ramos was kept from her mother for nearly 15 months after the two were caught trying to illegally enter the country.

The article reads, “It took all of 28 minutes for a judge in a rural courthouse near Lake Michigan to grant Alexa’s foster parents, Sherri and Kory Barr, temporary guardianship. Alexa’s mother and the little girl’s immigration attorney were not even notified about the proceedings.”

Naturally, those like Castro, hell-bent on throwing any kind of shade possible at Trump, used this to call out the president.

Castro remarked, “The Trump Administration intentionally separated kids from their parents and then put the kids up for adoption – permanently separating them.”

And he went on to say, “This is a human rights violation committed by the United States government.”

However, he must have missed the paragraph just before the one written above.

It reads, “Alexa’s case began in November 2015 under the Obama administration, years before Trump’s family separation policy rolled out. Her 15-month separation from her mother exposes the fragile legal standing of children under the are the federal Office of Refugee Resettlement and a flawed, piecemeal system that can change the course of a child’s life.”

So while Castro is blaming Trump for this, anyone actually clicking in to read the article would soon learn that it wasn’t Trump who let this happen. Instead, it was the left’s beloved Obama.

And if we do just a little more reading, in the same article no less, we find evidence that this was no such a sob story as we thought. Castro, like many on the left, assumes this family was coming to the US seeking asylum, which infers that there is some sort of wrong being done to the family or that they live in fear for their lives.

After all, that is the rule to earn asylum. “Credible fear” has to be evident.

But the article clearly states, “In El Salvador, Ramos might earn $5 a day selling clothes or waitressing. In the U.S., she could earn more than that in an hour. Ramos yearned a new beginning.” So it wasn’t death or discrimination she feared. No, this mother simply wanted to make more money.

But that doesn’t constitute asylum.

Furthermore, “the border agent screening her records spotted a red flag: She was a criminal, he said, charged in El Salvador. Alexa, crying, was pulled from her mother’s arms.”

Now, if you ignore the apparent bias, you can see this is all a scam.

Castro wants you to believe that Trump is taking children from innocent parents. And yet we find that simply isn’t the case. Not only did this happen under Obama’s rule, but the mother was found guilty of more than one crime, including illegal entry into the US.

Not such a sob story, huh?