CA Has Most Insane Idea to Deal with Homelessness Issues

The Democrats running California just keep coming up with some of the most insane ideas to deal with problems created because of their socialist policies. The latest idea that Oakland has come up with is to take their homeless and cram them all onto a cruise ship for their new home. The City Council President, Rebecca Kaplan, pushed the idea of hoping to place 1,000 people on one of these ships. She honestly believes this is the best solution to an ever-increasing problem.

The reason for so many homeless people is not because home prices are out of reach. The Democratic party in California has made the environment unfavorable for productive growth to take place. Their ideas to fix problems are so far beyond reason that they will never work out well in the end. She stated that “It could be a great way to house a lot of people quickly. Cruise ships have been used for emergency housing after natural disasters and for extra housing for things like the Olympics.”

The truth is that the people they would be putting on these ships are not going to care. Providing housing is not the answer to the problem. Democrats love to treat the symptoms but never the cause of the problem. The idea may help for a short period, but the people will be back on the streets once the cruise ship is returned to the owner. Instead of housing the people, Kaplan needs to think about helping them find work, so they can afford their housing.

To combat the excuse of expensive housing, the city canzone and build affordable housing to help those that do not earn enough to pay for the skyrocketing costs of land value in Oakland. Part of Kaplan’s idea was to charge the people money for living on the cruise ship. She is talking about people living on the streets. They have no money, so they will not be able to pay for their rooms, which means the taxpayer will have to foot the bill.

The idea is far-fetched and will cause more problems than it will solve. The ports are federally run which means to let homeless people walk into a port of entry will be impossible because of the security issues. All a person seeking entrance into the country illegally would have to do is dress like a homeless person and before long they have blended into the group and let into the country. One official from the Port of Oakland stated, “We respect President Kaplan’s desire to address homelessness, but Port of Oakland docks are designed to work cargo ships, there isn’t the infrastructure to berth a cruise ship.”

Kaplan’s idea is a stage for disaster. One news outlet stated the following issues would soon come up “One of the technical issues involving docking a cruise ship at the port is having the vessel permanently hooked up to shore power and sewage, in addition to regular, if not daily, garbage service. There would also need to be considerations made for security on board and numerous health threats, such as norovirus.” Kaplan has not thought through the entire issue.

The Democrats in California are destroying the state. They are refusing to handle the underlying issues and now it is coming back and biting them in the rear. Kaplan has not thought about the taxpayer or the overall cost of her stupid idea. By the time all the additional costs are added up, it will cost $300 a night for one person to stay on these ships. California already struggles with financial issues and this would just add to the problem.

No doubt helping the poor and homeless is a good idea. But helping them in the right way is what matters. Giving them one meal will not help as much as helping them find a job to pay for future meals. The Democrats in California act like gods when trying to handle things that are out of their control. They need to grow up and let the Republicans handle the tough cases because their ideas at least make sense.