Beauty Queen Trump Supporter Attacked– Called A White Supremacist When She’s Not White

The red “Make America Great Again” hats are worn by a number of Trump supporters. And if you wear one, you better be prepared for the left to attack you in quite a vicious way. That’s what happened when a former beauty queen posed wearing the hat.

Kathy Zhu is a student at the University of Michigan and a political conservative. She made headlines throughout the summer, because of social media post being deemed “insensitive” by pageant officials. She had been the winner of this Indiana and Michigan world America. However, she has been attacked yet again.

She took to Twitter on Tuesday morning to say that there were fliers being posted all across campus calling her a white supremacist. There is a big problem to this, however: she’s clearly Asian.

The fliers feature a picture of Zhu wearing a MAGA hat along with a call that says “Michigan, we have white supremacists on campus.” Additionally, there is the tag to say that they can be dangerous. She’s making the “OK” sign in the picture, which was considered okay to do up until a few months ago. Now, leftists have decided that the “OK” sign is now a symbol for white power.

So, Zhu has to deal with the slanderous fliers all over her college campus, which is inciting violence towards her. Additionally, whoever made the fliers clearly don’t understand that white supremacy can only come from whites – and she’s Asian.

On the fliers, there is also another image that appears to be a photo of actual white supremacists at the “Unite the Right” March that took place in 2017 in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Zhu couldn’t help but make a comment about everything going on from her twitter profile. She explained that being a Trump supporter doesn’t automatically make her a white supremacist. She also pointed out that she’s Asian in case “you SJWs can’t tell.” SJWs is shorthand for social justice warriors.

It’s not just one flier that is going around the campus, either. Another one has her photo in the MAGA hat below one of a Klu Klux Klan, again linking her to the KKK which can be dangerous for her own image and personal safety.

While Zhu tried to laugh it off to some, she got very serious on Twitter. One person asked why she didn’t just laugh it off. She explained that there are some people using actual violence against Trump supporters and told the person to check the news.

She has also filed a report with campus police who told her that they will share their “game plan” with her on Wednesday. The campus police will be scanning the campus for more posters and “might” look at security camera footage to identify who is responsible for posting the fliers.

As of right now, no University administrator has reached out to Zhu since she has called attention to the presence of the fliers. However, an administrator was available to comment on the story, identifying that it was important for Zhu to file a report with campus police. That seems like a brush off if there ever was one.

The University of Michigan doesn’t seem to be in a hurry to deal with the incident. However, they took a very different approach when a “news” was discovered at the medical school hospital, even though it turned out not to be a noose.

As soon as it was found, which was identified as a symbol of hate and discrimination, administrators and campus police were all over it. They even made a report to say that the active hate violates the values of the University and such actions will not be tolerated. However, they don’t seem too quick to shun the behavior shown within the fliers.

The entire university is treating the former Miss World America Michigan student differently simply because she has a different political view than they do. She is a conservative politician and isn’t afraid to identify that she is a Trump supporter. However, she has concerns about her personal safety – and for good reason.

The fact that the University of Michigan officials are not taking the attack seriously is problematic to say the very least. The campus police don’t seem to be in a hurry to conduct an investigation, either – and that a showing that they take the lives of liberals more seriously than that of conservatives – and that doesn’t sound as though they are staying true to their own identified values at the University.